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About Us

Our Company:

Berkana, since 1997 has been a leader in the development and marketing of oxygen-related products focusing primarily on the medical, health and nutrition, health and beauty, food handling and food preparation, agricultural and industrial marketplaces. Berkana's primary products are Jozzer Hyper-Oxygen, a liquid oxygen solution used in various industries and LTSM® (Lyophyllic Third State Minerals), a unique liquid dietary mineral solution. Berkana utilizes these two oxygen technology products in a variety of consumer-based cosmeceutical and nutriceutical products. Berkana has an impeccable international reputation for developing state-of-the-art products for the consumer health and beauty industries.

History of Jozzer Hyper-Oxygen:

The original Hyper-Oxygen technology was created by an aerospace process control engineer. The roots of the technology go back to the 1950's and early engine design space technology research conducted by the U.S. government. It was not until the early 1990's that the solution was actually reformulated as an alternative "chemical" to chlorine for disinfecting (killing) water-borne pathogens in waste water treatment applications. Prior to the creation of Jozzer Hyper-Oxygen, the only practical oxygen-based alternatives to chlorine were either ozone and chlorine dioxide (sodium chlorite). Both of these alternatives had negative drawbacks. Ozone required expensive equipment and regular maintenance. It was also highly regulated by government agencies and the maximum output was very low. Also, while ozone's molecules have very high oxidative potential, they have very short life spans. Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, was an extremely stable molecule, but was very alkaline and was potentially toxic and caustic. The new paradigm was a solution containing stable oxygen molecules (O2) bonded together to form a highly stable O4 molecule in a very high concentration. This proprietary technology was the result of the experience of this engineer. The solution he created for Berkana is called Jozzer Hyper-Oxygen and is marketed exclusively by Berkana. It is completely non- toxic yet is rich in completely stable oxygen molecules. While Jozzer Hyper-Oxygen was originally used in waste water purification, its balanced pH, non-toxicity and high oxygen content opened up new potential markets for this remarkable solution including health and nutrition, health and beauty, medical, dental, agricultural, sports nutrition and bottled water applications. Since 1997, this revolutionary concentrated oxygen-rich formula has been exclusively distributed by Berkana. Berkana's Jozzer Hyper-Oxygen is perhaps the most versatile and completely safe concentrated stabilized oxygen solution available today.

New Technologies:

In 1999, Berkana introduced a new technology where plant-derived minerals are suspended in ionic solution form in therapeutic amounts. We call the resulting mineral solution Lyophyllic Third State MineralsTM or LTSM®. •Lyophyllic Third State Minerals (LTSM®) are minerals in their most bio-available and active state which yield optimum assimilation and utilization. •Third State Minerals are formed by the digestion of the elemental minerals (first quantum state) in the soil by microorganisms which convert any particular mineral into a waste product that contains that mineral (second quantum state). When this waste mineral product is mixed with ground water, it is assimilated by plants for use by the plant. Whatever amount of the mineral remains after photosynthesis is then stored in the plant in its most bio-available form (third quantum state). This is the only form that is truly completely bio-active and organic. Quantum physicists describe this “third state” as the most synergistic harmonic electrical resonance state. In laymen’s terms this is the most ideal electrical state of minerals for the body to use them for efficient and effective assimilation and metabolism. Minerals in the third state are five times more assimilable than elemental first state minerals, and about 1,000 times more potent in terms of their ultimate cellular energy potential. The third state mineral ions have a tremendous amount of surface area compared to elemental minerals, due to their minute particle size. The increase in surface area of the minerals increases their zeta potential, which is the kinetic energy or life force that sustains us. The third state minerals are negatively charged, which also gives them active transport through the cell membranes into the cells. The outer surface of cell membranes is positively charged; the third state minerals, having the opposite polarity, are drawn into the cells just as opposite poles of a magnet attract. Our bodies are able to digest and assimilate first state elemental minerals to a certain degree, but for the cells to utilize the minerals they must first be transformed into third state. Our bodies are capable of doing this, but only to a very small degree and at a tremendous expenditure of energy. Furthermore, this energy expenditure can only be sustained for a limited period of time, leading not only to declining mineral utilization but also to a depletion of the body’s vital energy. These third state minerals - in a liquid medium – are derived from their organic sources to provide essential minerals to the body in their most bio-available and potent form, yet they remain totally safe and non-toxic.
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